Dangers of Holding Child When Pregnant

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top womens health Dangers of Holding Child When Pregnantwomens health Dangers of Holding Child When Pregnant

Dangers of Holding Child When Pregnant

Dangers of Holding Child When Pregnant
Dangers of Holding Child When Pregnant
Dangers of Holding Child When PregnantDangers of Holding Child When Pregnant

Dangers of Holding Child When Pregnant

Dangers of Holding Child When Pregnant

Dangers of Holding Child When Pregnant

Dangers of Holding Child When Pregnant

Not infrequently seen women who are pregnant carrying his child, this condition often makes people who see worried. dangerous to hold the child when the body is pregnant?

In essence a person’s body is designed to support the fetus that was conceived in order to remain safe. But sometimes extreme activities carried out during pregnancy can cause injury.

Back injury is one condition that often occurs in pregnant women, mainly due to the activities of lifting or carrying something heavy with incorrect positions include carrying the child.

Mothers who are pregnant is not advisable to lift the burden of carrying excess including older children, because these activities make the position of pregnant women to become unstable so that it can harm it.

As quoted from Sheknows, Thursday (09/09/2010) during pregnancy, back injuries are more susceptible to lumbar lordosis. When pregnant spine will be pushed forward due to the growth of the baby weight. If the mother was standing while carrying her child, then this will increase the burden on the body that can trigger back pain.

In addition it also occurs during pregnancy hormonal changes that cause the formation of the space between the bone joints, so that if a pregnant woman bent down to pick up the goods could be at risk of an interruption in the joints characterized by pain. Therefore if the pregnancy or the stomach is enlarged, pregnant women should not perform activities that require balance.

Another risk that may arise is the presence of a snap in the womb and put pressure on the stomach while holding a baby, if the beat is loud enough or the children who carried the risk can not be silent release of the placenta from the uterus (placental abruption). This condition can cause bleeding in the uterus or fetal death.

If pregnant women are forced to carry her child, then prepare the body properly before lifting the child. Lebarkan shoulder and always bend your knees to lower the center of gravity and use the front thigh (not the back muscles) to get strength. But this should not last long, and ask for help from their husbands or other family members.

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