10 health problems that worry when he is old

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10 health problems that worry when he is old

10 health problems that worry when he is old

10 health problems that worry when he is old
10 health problems that worry when he is old
10 health problems that worry when he is old10 health problems that worry when he is old

10 health problems that worry when he is old

10 health problems that worry when he is old

10 health problems that worry when he is old

10 health problems that worry when he is old

Increasing age for each person, it will make them worry about some things. Not only women, it turns out he is also afraid of getting old.

Usually, people are afraid of getting old because the condition of the body is decreased and the risk will be exposed to certain diseases related to age. This is also true for men. Although it looks cool, he remains concerned about the risks that would be experienced by the aging of their bodies.

1. Decrease in Motion
Decreased function of the motion to be feared because it can interfere with the mobilization of men and productivity. Health problems, such as bone loss (osteoporosis) and arthritis (osteoarthritis) can restrict movement and mobility for men.

2. Senile
Based on research from the Mayo Clinic in September 2010 as published in the journal Neurology says that men are more susceptible to mild cognitive impairment, or sometimes referred to as pre-Alzheimer’s. Recent research published in the journal of the American Academy of Neurology also supports previous findings that found that men may be more at risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) compared with women.

3. Side effects of treatment
We never know what diseases we will suffer in our lives, so it requires us to take certain medications. Each type of drug, whether free or purchased using a prescription, basically have side effects. Side effects from the consumption of certain drugs commonly associated with digestive system problems, particularly nausea, frequent passing of gas and abdominal discomfort.

Several types of drugs, it has a pretty strange side effects. For example, cancer patients taking the drug capecitabine types reported experiencing side effects such as the loss of rare prints. Meanwhile, patients with hypertension and heart failure are prescribed Vasotec drug that causes side effects such as loss of sense of smell.

4. Vision Impaired
Found in American research shows that men are more likely to have decreased vision when compared with women, they experienced due to the pressure on the brain. Another study from the University of Melbourne researchers found that the deposition of fat in the belly in middle age may significantly increase the risk of blindness in later life.

5. Loss of Hearing
Hearing loss is a normal process of aging for everyone, but men are more prone to hearing loss than women. Other studies also showed that the impotence drug Viagra and could potentially cause sudden hearing loss. Not only that, the research also revealed other American male smokers at high risk for hearing problems.

6. Fall
Many men in the age old easily fall for the balance of their bodies no longer optimal. If you do not want to use a wheelchair as he entered middle age, then the exercise routine and always moving the body of an elderly man can balance the body. In addition, studies in Switzerland suggest to eat foods and vitamin D supplements in the morning and sunbathe on a regular basis, can reduce the risk for falls.

7. Depression
Men rarely express feelings or emotions being experienced. Moreover as the head of household, the men also bear other expenses, such as work problems or family problems. Quite often these lead to stress and depression. Depression causes the sufferer experiencing a series of physical and emotional changes. Generally, people with depression have trouble thinking, trouble solving problems, talk, move slowly because they feel tired, sleep pattern changes, disturbances in the stomach or back and even sexual dysfunction.

8. Osteoporosis
Although osteoporosis is common in postmenopausal women, it follows that men can also experience this bone disease. Just like women, osteoporosis in men also occurred due to aging. However, smoking habits, less exercise, taking certain medications, and suffer from certain diseases was also a risk factor for osteoporosis in men.

9. Loss of muscle mass
Men always want to be strong and can do everything. Survey of the American Geriatrics Society Foundation found 9 out of 10 men felt weak and dependent by another person as one of the most feared if it gets old.

The main reasons why men start to lose muscle mass is increasing age and disease. Elderly men who suffer from type 2 diabetes can lose their muscle strength by up to 50 percent faster than the people of his age and health.

10. leakage of urine
Can not hold pee is not only a problem for women. It often happens, it just came out of urine (leak) without their control because of an enlarged prostate, prostate surgery or anything else.

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