7 Reasons Why the Body Needs Fat

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7 Reasons Why the Body Needs Fat

7 Reasons Why the Body Needs Fat

7 Reasons Why the Body Needs Fat
7 Reasons Why the Body Needs Fat
7 Reasons Why the Body Needs Fat7 Reasons Why the Body Needs Fat

7 Reasons Why the Body Needs Fat

7 Reasons Why the Body Needs Fat

7 Reasons Why the Body Needs Fat

7 Reasons Why the Body Needs Fat

Fat has a bad reputation for the world of nutrition. For decades, healthcare organizations are always campaigning to reduce or avoid the fat. For those who have chronic health problems, may be the right advice. But if the fat continues to be universally considered bad, it’s not fair. Here are some interesting facts about fat, and why the body needs it.

1. Eating fat does not always make the fat
Many think if someone is eating any fat, it will make the back, hips or the belly fat contains alias. The correct view is that excessive consumption of any food can increase body weight. Even eating too many starchy carbs, more likely to trigger insulin levels in the body than fat.

2. No need to avoid nuts.
Nuts do contain fat. But the type of nut that contain monounsaturated fats actually good for health. He also works to increase the types of good cholesterol in the body called HDL. According to leading food and nutrition professor at the University Pudue Richard Mattes, MPH, RD, of the results showed no association between nut consumption with weight gain.

3. Saturated fats are not criminals to be avoided.
Once thought to be criminals, many health experts recommend to avoid sources of saturated fat. Though some saturated fat consumption would not be harmful to health. Even some types of saturated fats can be part of a healthy diet. One source of healthy saturated fats is extra virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil contains lauric acid of this type are only found in it and the mother’s breast milk. Lauric acid is a powerful immune stimulant and can help prevent disease.

4. A label containing the word ‘no fat transfer’, not entirely free of fat.
Unfortunately, many manufacturers of food labeling and composition are very small in size. Though the composition label is also worth noting. Because the consumption of fatty foods consistently and in large quantities can affect the course of heart disease.

5. No need to steam all the vegetables to get the maximum nutritional value
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that showed eating salad with a dressing containing fats can increase the absorption of nutrients called carotenoids. These carotenoids are important for disease prevention.

6. Extra olive oil is ideal for cooking
Although eksta olive oil is monounsaturated fat is healthy. However, its nutrient content can be damaging at high temperatures. Use olive oil for dressings or marinating vegetables and meat. If you want to cook with olive oil should be at a temperature between 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Fat plays an important role in the body.
Fat has several important functions in the body. Without fat we will not live. Among the functions of fat is, the brain needs fat. About 60 percent of the dry weight of the brain is fat. In addition, healthy neurons contain the type of fat known as DHA. Also increases the metabolism of fat in the diet, immunity and helps healthy skin and hair.

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