Effects of frequency Mastur-bation

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mens health magazine Effects of frequency Mastur-bationMens Health Man food Effects of frequency Mastur-bation

Effects of frequency Mastur-bation

Effects of frequency Mastur-bation
Effects of frequency Mastur-bation
Effects of frequency Mastur-bationEffects of frequency Mastur-bation

Effects of frequency Mastur-bation

Effects of frequency Mastur-bation

Effects of frequency Mastur-bation

Effects of frequency Mastur-bation

Many men mastur-bate, and some even up to an addiction to the point that so agitated if a day just does not do it. Be careful not excessive, mastur-bation causes also have side effects if too frequent.

There is no definite limit on how often a man can mastur-bate. Although influenced by many factors including age, there are some opinions that call ideal for ejaculation frequency is 2-3 times a week either through mastur-bation or real sex.

Quoted from AskMen, Wednesday (02/02/2011), mastur-bation is too often can lead to excessive activity in parasympathetic nerves. The impact is the production of hormones and chemical compounds sex increased teramasuk acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin.

Chemical imbalances that occur due to mastur-bation hobby that too often can lead to various health problems, among others, as follows:

1. Impotence
Disturbances in the parasympathetic nerves can affect the brain’s ability to respond to sexual stimulation. As a result, weaker erection ability, even within a particular severity that can cause impotence sexual disorders that cause the penis can not stand at all.

2. Valve leakage of semen
Not only are affected by erectile nerve damage, the ability of semen channel to open and close at the right time yag also disrupted. As a result of sperm and semen are not only out during erection, mucus-mucus can also come out at times like snot even if the penis is in weak condition.

3. Baldness
Another impact of hormone imbalance that occurs when too frequent mastur-bation is hair loss. If not addressed, will eventually lead to baldness or thinning hair in men.

4. Back pain and groin
Muscle contractions during org-asm can trigger muscle pain, especially in the back and groin. For those who do it with my bare hands without lubrication, pain can also attack the penis because of the friction that occurs can cause blisters.

5. Being tired all day
Each time her body stiffened for an org-asm, men will lose quite a lot of energy because nearly all the muscles will experience a contraction. As a result, if too often, men will lose enthusiasm for the move and tend to feel sleepy during the day.

Meanwhile, according to sex expert Dr Andrew Wanananda MS, mastur-bation is relatively normal if not done until mengggangu productive activities daily.

Admittedly there is the impact frequency of mastur-bation premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse with a partner.

“This is caused by the habit of mastur-bating in a hurry now because they want to quickly feel the pleasure of org-asm by herself (self-satisfaction). Then when he got married, nature is still imprinted on him to ignore the existence of his wife. That’s what causes most cases of premature ejaculation,”

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