Smoking Can Damage The Reproductive System

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Smoking Can Damage The Reproductive System

Smoking Can Damage The Reproductive System

Smoking Can Damage The Reproductive System
Smoking Can Damage The Reproductive System
Smoking Can Damage The Reproductive SystemSmoking Can Damage The Reproductive System

Smoking Can Damage The Reproductive System

Smoking Can Damage The Reproductive System

Smoking Can Damage The Reproductive System

Smoking Can Damage The Reproductive System

In a newspaper in the UK recently (HealthDay News) presented a study which reported that smoking can damage the reproductive system and reduce the chances of a person to have a healthy child.

They advocated for couples who are planning to have children should avoid smoking.

The study of smoking and reproduction done throughout the two decades it has found that smoking can cause damage to the reproductive system of a person starting from puberty to adulthood.

“There are so many bad effects caused by smoking is very harmful: 50% -60% is damaging health effects, the rest can lead to death,” according to Dr.. Sinead Jones, director of The British Medical Association’s Tobacco Control Resource Center. “That’s why male and female reproductive problems need to be a case for itself ‘

In the study conducted by Dr.. Jones found that women who smoke have a relatively small chance to get a descent.

Similarly in women or men smokers who are in therapy to get offspring, will have a poor response to therapy.

According to Dr. Jones again, he will have 2 times the risk of infertility (infertile) and runs the risk of DNA damage in sperm cells. While the results of research on pregnant women increased incidence of miscarriage.

The study said that from 3000 to 5000 incidence of miscarriages per year in the UK, closely linked to smoking.

120,000 men in England aged between 30 sampai50 years of experience impotence due to smoking. Even worse, smoking has implications on the 1200 cases of cervical cancer per year.

Based on the above results, it can be concluded that women smokers are faced with various problems, namely: at high risk of heart disease when using the contraceptive pill, early menopause, and uterine cancer. The risk can also occur in the birth process as: complications in the placenta, premature rupture of membranes, premature birth and low birth weight, and infant mortality.

In babies whose mothers smoke are at higher risks of SIDS (sudden death), ear infections, respiratory distress, had an asthma attack, as well as asthma attacks more severe when pre-existing history of asthma.

The study noted that the more severe the more automatic smoke also caused side effects, and when to stop smoking then it will dramatically reduce the immediate side effects that occur.

“The results of these studies clearly indicate that smoking can damage the generations to come”, said Deborah Arnott, director of one of the anti-smoking organizations in the UK. He said again, “Quitting smoking should be a priority for couples who want children.”

“By stopping smoking, which is important not only increase the chances of getting offspring, but also provide a better early life on the child to be born,” he continued. “More than 17,000 children in England admitted to hospital each year due to respiratory distress caused by cigarette smoke exposure with their parents. By quitting smoking, parents not only improve their own health but also reduce the risk of common childhood illnesses such as asthma and pneumonia . ”

The good news, this time in America and Europe are crowded, hectic encouraged anti-smoking campaign. How in Indonesia? Let’s hope that the government immediately following the “trend” this excellent.

If you are a smoker and is planning to have children, stop smoking now! (Experts recommend you stop smoking at least one month prior to conception). Consult with a physician or other health professionals to help eliminate your smoking habit. There are so many techniques on offer, find the most appropriate thing to do.

Here are 7 ways to stop smoking we recommend:

  1. Clean up and discard. Clean up and dispose of all the cigarettes you have.
  2. Make notes and warnings. Write a note such as “You are now non-smokers” and stick to the places that you visit frequently – in bed, the table and so on.
  3. Do it constantly. Stay quit smoking on the day that you specify to do so. Do not do it disjointed.
  4. Concentrate on the daily work to divert the desire to smoke.
  5. Think positively. Think of yourself as a non-smoker. If there is an offer of smoking from your friends, tell your friend it firmly “I do not smoke”.
  6. Ask for support from family, close friends and co-workers to help you get rid of this habit.
  7. Fight the urge to smoke:
    • Divert attention when you want to smoke. Say to yourself “Later!” and do other positive things.
    • Sigh. Inhale deeply for five seconds and release slowly.
    • Drink plenty of water. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee, tea or cola.
    • Get busy yourself with activities. This is important so that you do not always think to smoke. Activities that could be done for example gardening, reading books and so on.
    • Exercise at least three times a week for 20 minutes each session.
    • Wash hands or shower when you want to smoke.
    • Chewing something like chewing gum, etc..
    • Pray that you are given the strength and desire to continue to quit smoking.

At first stop smoking requires a very hard struggle. Do not be surprised if there are signs such as irritability, difficulty in controlling feelings, lack of concentration, restlessness, insomnia, cough, decreased pulse rate, and increased appetite. This phase is called the phase of withdrawal. Will disappear after three to four weeks.

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