Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

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Quitting Smoking Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard
Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard
Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Have To Be HardQuitting Smoking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

How To Quit Smoking The Easy Way

Quitting smoking doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult and there are ways that you can make it less painful. The chances are that if you are like I was 12 years ago you will have given up smoking (or tried to) several times by now.

In order for this to be easy and for it to succeed it will help to learn a little about exactly what happens to you when you stop smoking. You are an addict! You are addicted to nicotine and when you stop smoking even for a few hours you will start to go through withdrawal which will chemically alter your brain. Your Judgement will be affected on more than one level. You will find it difficult make rational decisions about smoking and even in some other areas of your life you might encounter difficulties like getting mad without reason, emotional outbursts etc.

Knowing beforehand that this is the state that you will find yourself in you need to be prepared for that and make your decisions and your plan of action for quitting before you actually go through with it.

So how will this addiction affect you when it comes to quitting smoking? The withdrawal will actually affect you on 2 levels. First on a physical level and also at the same time on a psychological level. On the physical side of it you will encounter a whole range of effects, some will manifest earlier than others, some will be more pronounced that others, it all depends on the individual person. Amongst the most common effects are a tightness in the chest, coughing, headaches, nausea, constipation, dizziness, and even mouth ulcers. On a more emotional side you will no doubt find that you will have difficulty concentrating and maybe difficulty in going to sleep. You will probably become anxious, restless or impatient and be prone to attacks of depression.

The psychological side of the withdrawal happens simultaneously and a little more hard to define. This involves the ‘what to do with your hands’ symptom. When you have been smoking for a number of years, the simple act of taking out, lighting up and smoking a cigarette becomes deeply integrated in your personality. When you quit smoking it is as if something has been taken away from you. Almost as if you have lost a good friend. You start to ask yourself, “what do I do now?”.

Most of these symptoms will become less intense after the first 4 days or so and many will disappear completely after about 4 to 6 weeks.

With all of these effects going on you will see how your judgement may be affected and this is why it is very important that you make a clear plan on how you are going to quit and think to yourself when you are having doubts exactly what is happening to you… re affirm your resolve to give up.

There are only really two ways to quit smoking. You can use a reduction method where you will gradually wean yourself off the nicotine, (this doesn’t normally address the psychological side to the addiction). Or you can can stop suddenly with a complete withdrawal from the substance. This is commonly known as ‘cold turkey’.

Medical studies have not been able to prove that one method is generally more successful than the other but in my opinion, after having tried both methods several times, I believe it is a lot harder to quit bit by bit.

For the heavy smoker the prospect of being without smoking is quite daunting and the idea of getting there bit by bit, like dipping your toes in the water and going in little by little is a lot more attractive. If you give up little by little, you are gradually getting your body used to having less nicotine in your system… but you remain addicted. And to reduce your daily nicotine intake you need to smoke less each day. This means that you will be yearning or having cravings to smoke each and every day. It can be very difficult to cut down below a certain level, your body will be crying out for more and you will pass through a certain amount of discomfort during a period of many days depending on how fast you want to do this. Also, in the end, when you have cut back to 2 or 3 cigarettes a day, you will still one day have to smoke your last cigarette and deprive your body of its daily nicotine intake altogether.

The other way of quitting, cold turkey is a lot more violent. You will have 4 days of desperation where you will have an exceedingly strong desire to smoke combined with many of the physical and emotional symptoms I mentioned earlier. The benefit with this is that this state will only last for 4 days after which it will become a lot more easy. You might find it easier in the long run to go through a few days of discomfort rather that have the same discomfort drawn out over the period of a few weeks.

When you stop smoking ‘cold turkey’ the severe symptoms of withdrawal will only last 3 or 4 days. It is in this time that you will be most likely to start smoking again especially as your decision making process is being affected by your withdrawal. You might find yourself thinking, “what do I want to give up smoking for?… I really enjoy it”. Don’t let yourself be drawn into that argument.

The whole process of quitting and going through the withdrawal can be made really easy. You simply need to get clear that you will be going through a process and that you will be experiencing a fair amount of discomfort but trust me, the fear of it actually worse than the event itself.

There are many smokers who say the they are not ready to give up and that they enjoy smoking and being a smoker. There are also the more jaded ones that have tried a couple of times, have felt uncomfortable and have come to the conclusion that they would like to quit but they simply are unable to. Both these attitudes are really bad and should not be entertained. It can be simple to quit if you just arm yourself with a few facts and a bit of resolve.

Did you know that when you get a craving to smoke that this craving will only last for a few minutes at tops. The mind concentrates on the desire to smoke so much that you feel you simply need to smoke, but your mind soon becomes distracted with other things and the craving will disappear. What makes this seem less true is the fact that in the first few days after having quit smoking the cravings come extremely frequently. It will seem as if they are constant but this will ease with time which is why you stand a lot more chance of being successful if you can just get through the first 4 days without smoking.

During the first few days, know that you will have almost continuous cravings even though they will be short lived. Remember in this time that the only way to really stop smoking is to simply not put the cigarettes in your mouth.

After the first 4 days have past you need to be careful for the next 6 weeks or so as your body still has nicotine in its system and you will be likely to start smoking again at the least sign of trouble. Avoid dangerous situations where you might feel you need to smoke, like in bars or at stressful times.

If you do get stressed or depressed try calling the quitline or getting in touch with friends or family, eat some chocolate or some cakes… whatever it takes. If can foresee this moment (which will come) then make provisions for it.

In the following weeks you need to get into the mindset of “I’m a non-smoker”. In moments of stress or weakness when you feel the temptation to smoke just one cigarette tell yourself NO!! Its Prohibited. If you have been wanting to give up smoking for a while then now is the time. Give it a try. I guarantee you it will not be as bad as you think once you are aware of what is happening to you. Quitting smoking can be easy.

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