How to Make Kombucha Tea Drinks

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How to Make Kombucha Tea Drinks

How to Make Kombucha Tea Drinks

How to Make Kombucha Tea Drinks
How to Make Kombucha Tea Drinks
How to Make Kombucha Tea DrinksHow to Make Kombucha Tea Drinks

How to Make Kombucha Tea Drinks

How to Make Kombucha Tea Drinks

How to Make Kombucha Tea Drinks

How to Make Kombucha Tea Drinks

How to make Kombucha tea is actually very easy. make it the same way as regular tea, then mixed with a starter and then placed scoby (mushroom).

Materials needed:

  • 2 liters of clean water (not well water, should wear aqua or the like)
  • 2.5 ounces of white granulated sugar
  • 5 Sachets of green tea or green tea equivalent of 5 sachets.
  • Kombucha seeds, approximately 10% of new material that we will create (in this example means 200 ml).
  • Kombucha mushroom.

The tools are in need

  • Stainless steel pot for boiling water. Note: Do not use aluminum pans! Can also use the email pot without blemish.
  • Glass jar / clear glass for the fermentation / making Kombucha Tea. Do not use the place of the plastic (aqua bottle, etc.) or the place of the metal as it will lead to oxidation. Place of glass is best.
  • Napkin or handkerchief to cover the jars where Kombucha tea is made.
  • Rubber or rope.

Ways of making Kombucha tea:

  1. Boil approximately 0.5 liters of water in a stainless pan or saucepan email
  2. Enter the granulated sugar (2.5 oz or to taste) into it
  3. After boiling the sugar water, and enter 5 sachets or equal to the size of green tea into it, cover the pan tightly, let stand for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Remove the lid, lift the sachet and let it become cold sweet tea according to room temperature. Add the remaining 1.5 liters of cold water into the pan. Cover the pan with a towel so that no dust or flies entered or other small animals.
  5. After a temperature equal to room temperature, transfer the liquid into a jar of sweet tea glass that has been provided, while filtered.
  6. Enter Kombucha Tea as starter fluid, and then enter the Kombucha mushroom. No matter whether the fungus is lost or not.
  7. The glass lid with a piece of clean handkerchief to dust / fruit flies do not enter into the jar but still no air, because the Kombucha fungus needs to breathe. Tie with string or rubber handkerchief is not easy to open (a meeting). Remember that fruit flies love the smell of Kombucha. If you do not shut, fruit flies will go in and lay eggs in it.
  8. Allow the jars dark place. For the fermentation of sweet tea, Kombucha mushrooms should not be subject to direct light, especially sunlight. Jars can also be wrapped with wrapping or crackle black, but not to close the mouth of the jar that had closed a handkerchief that can still breathe.
  9. Let stand for 7-12 days, only after that Kombucha tea can be harvested. During the fermentation, jars do not shake! If you want to try first result, you can insert a straw and a little taste. If the acid is lacking, you can go back 1-2 days to silence him.
  10. On each jar with seeds / Kombucha mushrooms are harvested there will be “Kombucha Baby”, which form a thin layer above the old Kombucha mushroom. Separate the “Baby Kombucha is” separate place (in glass containers as well) to serve as a backup. We call it: Stored in the “Hotel Kombucha”. Kombucha baby is then useful to be used as seeds to create a new Kombucha Tea.

Important to consider in the process of making Kombucha tea

  • Demanded cleanliness and precision in its manufacture.
  • Wash your hands with soap and wipe dry with a clean cloth and new.
  • Remove the rings and bracelets and other metal objects from your hands that might be touched in the process of making Kombucha tea. Nails should be clean.
  • Clean all tools are used. Use a wooden or plastic stirrer / melamine, not of metal
  • Wash all the tools that will / has been used apart from kitchen utensils / cooking so as not to hit another oil / other food substances, and store separately.
  • Work in space away from the kitchen or cigarette smoke except during the boil water for tea.
  • Placement at the time of fermentation should be in place that is free of air pollution / odor and have good air circulation. Also room to be clean of insects (flies, ants, bees, etc..)

Kombucha tea harvest

  • After a sufficient age (7-12 days full) open lid place Kombucha Tea.
  • Separate the liquid and ready-made plastic strain with a clean filter from the oil, then enter your Kombucha tea into glass bottles / glass, cover tightly (remember! Do not hang from a metal material) with non-metal plugs and store in the closet es. Kombucha tea is ready to drink. Actually, even better if allowed to stand again for 3 days (this time sealed container), so soda is more out of the fermentation. It would feel more refreshed, let alone drink when the weather is hot.
  • Set aside one-tenth of the crop so that you can create a new Kombucha Tea.

Why fail to make Kombucha Tea? because:

  • The tools that are used less clean
  • Wearing aluminum pans when cooking water
  • Tampered jars, shaken, shaken, or be moved during the fermentation
  • There is smoke in the fermentation room or kitchen put a lot of smoke
  • Forget to include the starter
  • Directly in the sun
  • Water cooking time to time enter into a jar for too long (6-10 hours). This means that the tea was already stale. Preferably 3-5 hours, where the water temperature is not hot sweet tea anymore.


  1. The fermentation process requires oxygen, so the width of the jar that will accelerate the process of making Kombucha tea. When you use a jar of water is only half as high, then the fermentation process will be even longer.
  2. At harvest time you will get two fungi, mold and mildew first new / children that are formed during the fermentation process. The new fungus that can be cut by hand to serve as the first seed. Old fungus can still used a few times until the color becomes brown. Mushrooms can be used for a long time fertilizer plant.
  3. Temperature effect on the growth of fungi. The colder the temperature of the room then the slower the growth of mold. Even in Europe during the winter, the fermentation can reach 3 months. Therefore, they usually use a heating pad under a fermentation jar.
  4. Fermentation is less than 7 days, did not merit anything.

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