7 Steps easily beautify your body

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7 Steps easily beautify your body

7 Steps easily beautify your body

7 Steps easily beautify your body
7 Steps easily beautify your body
7 Steps easily beautify your body7 Steps easily beautify your body

7 Steps easily beautify your body

7 Steps easily beautify your body

7 Steps easily beautify your body

7 Steps easily beautify your body

1. Perform a short exercise
Although regular exercise is the best way for a beautiful body, some of the sport shortly before an important event can also make your body look better. To show off the muscle and / or abdominal muscles, do a short exercise that has been targeted, such as sit-ups, knee bend, and lift weights. Blood flow to your muscles while will make the muscles look tight. Not only that, endorphins resulting from the exercise will also make you more confident.

2. Avoid foods that make a lot of gas and bloating
Although the best way to get a flat stomach is to eat healthy foods and exercising regularly, you can do a little cheating in preparation to an important event by choosing some foods carefully. To avoid looking more fat, a few days before your important event occurs, you should limit your intake of high fiber foods, such as some specific fruits and vegetables, nuts and wheat, which can produce intestinal gas. You also should avoid salt, soda and chewing gum, all of which can cause abdominal bloating.

3. Prepare food that makes a flat belly
In addition to avoiding certain foods, there are some foods to eat to make your stomach look flat. You should consume foods rich in potassium such as bananas and dried fruit. Additionally you can reduce gas by providing a supplement for lunch with digestive enzymes (like papain and bromelain) and taking capsules that helps you eliminate the gases and toxins.

4. Use the right underwear
Although practically cheating, we’ll bet there are no celebrities out there who do not use underwear help to provide a beautiful silhouette. If you want to remove the folds of the body, use the innards that make you look thinner. In addition, you can try push up bras to create cleavage or add subordinates that make up your butt. To add to the curve of your body, try using a black dress, or at least, a solid color.

5. Show off a tan
Not only dark colors that make you look skinny, but a fake tan can also cover up cellulite and spot and give you the aura of a star. In addition you can also create a more beautiful body shape. To make the legs look thinner, use a browning the skin on the side of your foot and use the lotion around the shin. For a better cleavage, use the browning skin between the chest.

6. Prepare a celebrity smile
You can use a wide smile to make yourself look more attractive. First, make your teeth look whiter. Use red or pink lipstick with a little blue, and do not use yellow or orange to wring the lips because it will make the teeth look more yellow. Second, make sure your face looks more brownish, not only will provide fresh air but also will make your teeth look more obvious.

7. Show flawless face
The spots may appear at the wrong time. Fortunately much you can do to give the illusion of perfect skin. If you have a difficult spots covered, try to give ice cubes to the area for several minutes before using make-up. To close and fight the red skin, use a green concealer with a white eyeliner on the spot, under your makeup as usual.

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