5 Causes of Yellow Teeth

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5 Causes of Yellow Teeth

5 Causes of Yellow Teeth

5 Causes of Yellow Teeth
5 Causes of Yellow Teeth
5 Causes of Yellow Teeth5 Causes of Yellow Teeth

5 Causes of Yellow Teeth

5 Causes of Yellow Teeth

5 Causes of Yellow Teeth

5 Causes of Yellow Teeth

Having white teeth shining is the desire of all people. But sometimes unwitting intake of the foods we eat cause tooth color is white so it turns yellow. Call it a tea, coffee, sodas, and other types of berries including some foods that are known as a maker of stains on teeth.

Do not let your appearance is damaged because of the yellowish color of teeth. In addition to medications and lifestyle, there are some foods that affect the color of one’s teeth.

Some other foods that can cause discoloration of the teeth, among others:

1. Tomatoes.
Same as berries, tomatoes also contain a natural color on the fruit that can leave stains on teeth. This situation will be aggravated if the tomatoes have been processed into ketchup bottles. The content of additional dyes in tomato sauce can also aggravate the former color left on the teeth. In addition to tomato sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce, curry sauce is thick and also cause stains on teeth.

2. Health drinks and sports drinks.
A study revealed that sports drinks and health drinks can also cause damage to tooth enamel because of its acid content. Consequently stains caused by drinks will be left on the teeth. We recommend that you select the white water as a substitute for a health drink or sports drink.

3. Fruit juice.
Although the fruit is actually a positive effect on the body, but the acid content of fruit that is too high and too much can damage the teeth. Acid content in the fruit when consumed continuously in amounts too much may damage tooth enamel and create cavities.

4. Wine.
Used spill wine on the tablecloth will usually be difficult to remove. No wonder that wine, especially red wine, can also leave stains on teeth. The content of acid, tannin, and chromogen in wine that causes a stain on the teeth. In addition to red wine, white wine can also make your teeth discolored.

5. Antibiotic.
Too often taking drugs, especially antibiotics, can also cause teeth to yellow. The content of the tetracycline antibiotics are factors that cause teeth to yellow, especially in children. Consumption of antibiotics containing tetracycline during tooth growth (ranging from early pregnancy until the child is aged 8 years) can make children experience tooth discoloration is permanent.

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